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passages & quotes that resonate

words that resonate
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This journal is a place to compile quotes and all of the passages that I like to collect from books, and the tags will make them easy to find in the future.

I'm putting them here in LJ because GoodReads' review section has a character limit that is too small and not intended for this purpose anyway, and their 'Writing' section is for original writing only (copyrighted material is prohibited).

I love GoodReads! If you are on GR and would like to friend me and don't already have my e-mail, comment here and I'll give you the open sesame. :)

The Interests section here contains my tags from GoodReads (as of Nov. 7, 2007).
adoption, africa, anger, animals, art, astrophysics, autobiography, bicultural, bilingual, biography, boards of directors, buddhism, cards to make, changed my life, chicano, childrens books, china, christmas, church systems, class mindsets, classics, coffee table book, communication, community, comparative religion, cookbooks, creativity, currently reading, daily meditations, death and dying, dominican republic, economics, emotions, essays, favorite authors, favorites, fiction, food, fundraising, goodreads, grant writing, gratitude, green living, guidebooks, handwriting analysis, hawaii, health, heard interview on npr, historical fiction, history, how to, illustrated, immigration, inspiring, intercultural relationships, ireland, islam, latin america, leadership, lebanon, linguistics, love, marriage, meditation, memoir, mental illness, metaphorical, middle east, my classics, nature, new mexico, newlyweds, nicaragua, non-fiction, non-violence, nonprofit administration, nostalgia, oklahoma, organizing, pantheism, passion, past lives, personal finance, personal-growth, personnel management, pets, photo book, poetry, politics, post-christian, poverty, prayer, progressive theology, psychiatry, psychology, quotes passages i like, read, reading literacy, recommend to everyone, reference, relationships, religions, revolution, revolutionaries, road trips, route 66, scary, sci-fi, self-care, sensuality, sewing, sexuality, short-stories, social change, social justice, social justice education, spanish, spirituality, storytelling, teen, the historical jesus, the jesus seminar, the south, the westar institute, to re-read, to read, to read-library, to read-own, to read-wish list, true story, vietnam, walking, wedding, wisdom, work, world, writing, yoga